Top Wine Fridge Sellers to Buy From!

Every wine enthusiast wishes to buy a wine fridge that perfectly and smoothly matches his/her home furnishings and decor. For it, these people do lots of research to end up buying a perfect wine cooler like BODEGA43.

Top brands that sell wine fridges

Under the market of the wine industry, multiple brands sell wine fridges and quality is the differentiating factor among these sellers. Top brands that made their name in the wine world are;

  1. EdgeStar: This brand sells the wine fridges that are a “balanced buy” for the buyers with stylish looks.
  2. Kalamera: Fully affordable units are manufactured by Kalamera.
  3. NutriChef: Nutrichef’s models are a perfect addition to your home.
  4. Ivation: They manufacture the best wine fridges and are positively reviewed by most buyers.
  5. Koolatron: Koolatron offers the perfect wine storage solutions including all types of fridges and cellars.

Before buying any model from them, read the reviews. For example, the caple wine cooler review will help you understand the public opinion about the product that is honest and help you in purchasing decisions. Make sure you contact customer support for any queries you have.

Buying advice

Buying a wine fridge is not rocket science. You just have to consider some factors so that you can narrow down the choices on your wishlist efficiently. Consider the size, temperature zones, and type of fridge i.e. freestanding or built-in.

  1. Size: The size of a wine fridge depends upon the space available at the place where the wine fridge is going to be installed. Another thing is how many bottles you have that are going to be stored in the fridge. The smallest size wine fridges can store 50 bottles. For more storage, head over to the larger options.
  2. Temperature zones: Temperature zones are one of the main factors. This whole concept revolves around the “number of temperatures controls a wine fridge operates with”. From three options i.e. single zone, dual-zone and multiple zones, you can choose one. Single zone wine coolers operate on one temperature control which means you can’t store red wines with white wines as they preserve at different temperatures. Dual-zone wine coolers operate on two temperature controls which means you don’t have to sacrifice white wines for the red ones. In multiple zone wine coolers, there are more than two temperature controls which clearly state that you can store your huge wine collection in one place.
  3. Freestanding or built-in: These two types of wine coolers are differentiated based on location and placement factors. Freestanding wine coolers are standalone wine coolers that can be placed without any requirement of technical support. Built-in wine coolers require a proper storage area like a cabinet, undercounter or staircase area where it can be integrated with proper ventilation space.

The location of your refrigerator is a wise and realistic choice so don’t get confused when deciding for it. Even the greatest wine chiller designs should not be placed in a contained environment where the temperatures are likely to vary. Many refrigerator models will be unable to adjust for the temperature fluctuations.