Aesthetic Furniture Style Guide

Welcome to the Aesthetic Furniture Style Guide, where we’ll go over several furniture styles and give you some tips on how to choose the best one for your home. I’m going to start by telling you that even though these are all technically different pieces of furniture, they all have a lot in common. For example, they’re all great for spaces that need something cozy or warm.

Midcentury Modern Furniture Style Guide

Midcentury modern Furniture Style Guide is a style that was popular in the mid-20th century. It’s characterized by clean lines and minimalism, but it can also be more playful than other types of modern designs. Midcentury modern furniture styles include:

Danish Modern – A simple style with Scandinavian influences, this look is most often seen in furniture made from teak or birch wood with leather upholstery. The pieces are usually minimalistic and sleek, with clean lines and simple shapes (such as cubes). Examples include Hans J Wegner’s “The Chair” series; Arne Jacobsen’s Wassily Chair; Alvar Aalto’s Paimio Sanatorium Bedroom Set; Charles Eames’ LCW Bedroom Set (known for its chaise lounge); George Nelson’s Ball Clock.

Cape Cod Furniture Style Guide

Cape Cod furniture is a style that originated in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts in the 1700s. The Furniture Style Guide was originally made from wood and painted white, but it has since evolved to include many different materials, colors, and designs.

Today’s Cape Cod style can be found at home stores like Target or Walmart and if you’re looking for cheap prices, those are good places to start! However if you want something more authentic than plastic chairs with flower patterns on them (which is what most people associate with Cape Cod).

Industrial Chic Furniture Style Guide

Industrial chic furniture is made from recycled materials, and it’s often used in a warehouse or loft setting. The style combines the rustic look of industrial pieces with the sleek lines of modern design. Industrial chic furniture often uses metal or wood as its primary material, but it can also be found in other materials like glass or concrete.

Industrial Chic Furniture Style Guide:

  • Made from recycled materials (wood, metal)
  • Looks old and worn out (paint splotches)
  • Used in warehouses or lofts

French Country Furniture Style Guide

French country furniture is the most popular style of furniture in the world. It’s a blend of French and English styles, which means it’s romantic but not too fussy. The look is defined by its use of curves, soft colors and organic shapes like vines or shells (that often appear on tables). The pieces are often made from wood with painted finishes that add texture to the overall design scheme.

Shabby Chic Furniture Style Guide

The Shabby Chic style is characterized by the use of soft, pastel colors, floral patterns and lace. It’s a romanticized version of country living that has been adopted by many interior designers and homeowners to create an inviting atmosphere in their homes. The look of shabby chic furniture is achieved through the use of faded fabrics or paint finishes (distressing), distressed furniture pieces and other accessories such as lace doilies or embroidery.


We hope that this guide has helped you to understand the differences between these Furniture Style Guide. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below!